Jar Jar is a walking, talking jar. He was born on the planet of Jaruscant and played a powerful role in the Phone Wars.


Born on Jaruscant, Jar Jar was one of many jars on the planet. When he was 6 years old he was immediately thrust into the Jar Academy. After going through many pains in the academy he got into his first battle. In the battle he quickly got rid of the Imcereals there and so the battle was named "The Great Imcereal Skirmish". He quickly became famous for this. When on the Dollar Star, he convinced some of the captive jars to join him and make "Jar Squad 22". He and his men fought in many battles, but on his 78th battle while on Stewjon he was put in a pot of boiling stew. He fought very hard but became overheated and so he and his squad blew up.

Personality and traitsEdit

He was very tough and tended to gamble and win every time, odd enough. He was supposedly thought by smugglers to have given info to the Imcereals several times, as he had a Imcereal friend.